from 23rd to 28th August 2020

in Alps, Carroz d’Araches (74 300)

2020-Stage_National_les carroz

The course is open to all Suzuki trained children studying the violin, cello, piano, from beginner to advanced, and viola from book 1 to 3.

The course allows children to play their instruments with pleasure in a happy family environment. It gives them the chance to revise and get to know other teachers, and take part in new workshops. The course also gives the children the opportunity to reinforce their music, motivation and meet friends at the end of the summer holidays.

Teachers :

Violin : Cédric Allard (F), Alession Nacuzi (I)

Violin/Viola : Carlota Alonso (E), Margaret Parkin (UK)

Cello : Virginie Sauveur (F), Brendan Conroy (PB)

Piano : Isabelle Gaston (F), Graham Rix (UK)

Piano accompaniment : Hsin-I Huang (F)

Other classes :

Choir : Marie-Hélène Serres (F)

Dalcroze eurhythmics : Catherine Duperray (F)

Body percussions : Sébastien Bluriot (F)

Orchestra : Esther Milon (F)






For teens between 14 and 17 years old, who would like to participate in the course without parents:

Projet pédagogique

Fiche sanitaire de liaison, to fill