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Download : Registration Form Viola Conversion Course 

The Viola Conversion Course is designed by the European Suzuki Association for those who wish to qualify on viola for levels they have already completed on violin.

For this level 1-2 course it is necessary to have passed a minimum of level 2 on violin.

Viola Teacher Training Calendar 2018 - 2019

beginning of July 2019Palavas les Flots
For dates exact, please contact Joanne Martin, Teacher Trainer

The Conversion Course will provide a detailed study of the pedagogical aspects of the Suzuki Viola repertoire which are specific to the viola, and which have not already been covered in the violin training. The language of instruction will be French.

Course content will include:

  • How to teach the unique viola sound
  • Teaching points of the pieces in volumes 1-3 of the Suzuki Viola School which differ from the violin repertoire
  • Instruments and strings for young violists
  • Ideas for integrating violists and violinists in the studio


  • € 230 Registration fee (includes Administrative Fee and Examination Costs)
  • € 240 Tuition Fee

Before acceptance in the course, the candidate must submit a video of their own performance, from memory, of the following pieces in Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the Suzuki Viola School. The recording must use the revised editions of the Suzuki Viola School, dated 2009 or later.

  • Twinkle Theme & Variations
  • French Folk Song
  • May Song
  • Bohemian Folk Song
  • Hunter’s Chorus
  • Lully Gavotte
  • Beethoven Minuet in G
  • Bach Gavotte in G Minor
  • Becker Gavotte
  • Mozart Minuet
  • Bach Bourrée

The deadline for registration and for the video is April 15, 2019

Address for registration: 

  • AFPS – Geneviève Prost 14, avenue de Corinthe 13006 Marseille France

Address for the video / Contact: