On that Saturday happy conversations could be heard coming from our young musicians on stage, backstage, and in the hall. Today, at home, our hearts are filled with the vibrations of the concert. We can, in one click, send our emotions around the world. Another encounter.

On the stage the older ones among us, for whom it all started without cell phones and internet, were next to the younger ones. They will probably follow the progress of a trip to Mars live and in 4D.

Certainly environments clash, humanity accelerates, searches. But each day is still a miracle at our disposition.

That Saturday at UNESCO at 4PM we were brought together by the sound of the tuning fork and the breath of the upbeat.

Looking at the photo of the stage in 2012 in the hall at UNESCO in Paris gives us reason to believe that it is good and easy to work toward simplicity.

Thank you teachers, parents, and children for your wonderful concert.