ClavierBleuMusic is an art and there is no great civilization without art! Music is the language of the heart; it enables one to become more sensitive and more aware of one’s emotions.

Suzuki said, “Every living tree has buds. If it is well fed flowers will bloom on each of its branches and it will bear beautiful fruit. This is the extraordinary course of nature!” According to Suzuki, each child has limitless potential just waiting to be developed.

 Learning the piano at an early age is an extraordinary opportunity in this elitist and demanding world. As a parent, you are your child’s mentor and his guide, so give him the opportunity to grow and succeed with Suzuki’s method for piano. Your interest and presence at his side during the lessons will help to develop, among other things, his concentration, memory, and his sense of organisation. This wonderful musical activity will help your child to discover that repetition and willingness to improve go well beyond knowing how to play the piano; it opens the door to freedom.