Ability developpement from age zero –  Shinichi SUZUKI

Recommended for parents of Suzuki Method® students. In this sequel to Nurtured by Love, Dr. Suzuki states that “the fate of the child is in the hands of his parents.” With this book he shows how to create a warm environment which will encourage any child to become a happy, loving and talented human being.









Nurtured by Love – Shinichi SUZUKI

The Suzuki method, originally for the violin, is based on several essential principles:
  • Begin music lessons from the age of three, proceeding  in the same manner as the child learning to talk, without knowing how to read or write.
  • Benefit from individual learning, but also participate in group lessons starting at a very young age.
  • Include the parents in this process, encouraging them to follow the lessons in order to create a favorable, cooperative family environment.

In this manner children grow up singing, obviously in tune, when playing, helping each other , making progress, disciplining and structuring themselves, and preparing for rich, healthy lives.

Is this not a complete program ?


Playing an Instrument the Way We Talk - Elena ENRICO

Aux Editions CORROY.

EnricoWhen he comes into the world the child is surrounded by intelligent adults who are sensitive to the desire to learn which every being possesees genetically from the day he is born, and who help him to become a happy, responsible adult.

There is no magic pill, nourishing the child’s intelligence is a long and difficult task.

This small book represents the work of Elena Enrico, still searching today as a teacher and parent. She intends to continue this re

search for the rest of her life.

Small informative texts alternate with songs for children under three. This book is a pleasure to read and we are proud to edit the French translation.